Opening RDP sessions from KeePass

I'll add this to it's own post, instead of my KeePass tutorial, since it's a more advanced feature. There's a way to launch RDP sessions with KeePass, making it much easier for sysadmins and the like to log into servers they have access to. Here's the original tutorial, all credit goes to that author, Adam Plocher. I believe there is also now a plugin for KeePass to launch RDP sessions, but this still works great for me.

Short steps
Tools -> Options -> Integration -> URL Schema Overrides -> add
Type "rdp" in the schema box, and past the snippit below into the URL Override box.

cmd:// cmd /c "cmdkey /generic:TERMSRV/{URL:RMVSCM} /user:{USERNAME} /pass:{PASSWORD} && start /b mstsc /v:{URL:RMVSCM} && timeout /t 5 /nobreak && cmdkey /delete:TERMSRV/{URL:RMVSCM}"

Now, when you add a server, enter the URL as rdp://

Read Adam's tutorial for the full details, but basically it uses Windows Credential Manager to store the credentials for 5 seconds while the RDP window launches, and then remove them. You can watch them come and go under Windows Credentials -> Generic Credentials.

Note: I believe his command and mine differ slightly. I integrated one of the suggestions from the comments, but it's been too long for me to remember which one.

Ain't KeePass great?