That pesky initial post

Yes, I'm going to be stealing @sadserver tweets as the tag line on this blog an awful lot. What can I say, they speak to me.

I don't think this blog will ever be in anyone's RSS feed, sandwiched between Brian Krebs and Robert Graham. I need a place where I can jot down useful powershell tidbits, bash one-liners to copy later, things of that nature. Places where I can put a KeePass tutorial that maybe one day I can actually get my friends to implement. Maybe, just maybe, there might be original or worthwhile work in here someday.

Until then, this is the initial post by BBK. I'm an ISO at a location I don't care to disclose with high aspirations of one day becoming a red team member or pen tester. For the moment I'll settle with trying to keep people from clicking on phishing emails and using passwords like... "password"...

Also, I like to give credit when I use something I like. The theme is Jass with some modifications. I stole my avatar from some guy on imgur because I'm not an artist and needed something to fill the empty box. Updated 2 Jun 2018 - I'll leave all that for historial reference, but I'm no longer using Jass, and Imgur no longer points to the correct gallery. No idea what happened there, but I haven't touched the link, so I suppose something moved on their end in the last 3 years. If you're the original artist of my puppy, drop me a message, I'd love to give you credit. Update 14 June 2019 - I found the original image! The imagur that drew it went by kuikuilija there, and gnaakka on tumbler.