Fixing PuTTY

I suppose you could call this another "First (X) Things to Do".

I'm talking about the installed version of putty here, and really there isn't much to do. There's really only two things I wanted to make a note of.

1) Disable right click to paste

Maybe you're a fan, personally I can't count the number of times I've pasted random gibberish in because everything else in the world uses that as the menu button. To fix this:

  • Go to Window -> Selection
  • Change "Action of mouse button" to Windows
  • Go back to Session, click Default Settings, and Save

2) Fix the color scheme

Seriously, who made the default Putty scheme? Dark blue on black? Try Zenburn! Copy and paste the below into a file with the extension .reg and load it into the registry. Note: This will remove your default colors, huge loss, I know.

Zenburn in Putty

I usually like the Solarized themes, but I like this one better on Putty for some reason.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00